Whoa Podcast Interview

From John Harrer’s WHOAPODCAST:


“Growing up in Australia a young Warwick Schiller was hungry for horse news and studied Western Horseman magazine like he was cramming for a final.  He says that even today if you show him a cover from the 70’s he can likely tell you one of the articles inside.  Yet he began his working career as a banker.  It was on a sabbatical from banking that Warwick came to America and found a job working for a reining trainer.  Working with a reining trainer gave Warwick the foundation he needed to become a clinician.  Now, Warwick Schiller travels the world giving clinics and demonstrations on his unique style of horsemanship.

I really enjoy talking with Warwick.  He studies everything.  Philosophy, efficiency, psychology are just a few of the areas Warwick explores to learn more about horsemanship.  Warwick Schiller will be one of the speakers at the Best Horse Practices Summit in the fall of 2017.  Best Horse Practices explores the principles of Evidenced-based Horsemanship.

Warwick Schiller has a new TV program on Farm & Ranch TV (available on ROKU) called The Principles of Horsemanship.  It’s here where Warwick talks about the difference between learning techniques and principles.  Using these principles, Warwick believes you can develop the techniques that work for you to build your horsemanship.”