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Warwick Schiller’s Video Library is finally available on your mobile device! Download videos straight to your phone for offline access to over 800 training videos.

With an easy step-by-step process, Warwick will give you the tools you need to create an amazing relationship with your horse. The subscription begins with two different pathways:

  • The Skills Path: Teaches you everything you need to know to create a safe, attentive, and confident horse. It allows you to refine the relationship path with strong horsemanship skills.
  • The Relationship Path: Lays a foundation for the skills to be built with a heavy emphasis on building trust and connection with your horse. It allows for a deeper understanding of why the skills work the way they do.

Both culminate in ridden work, everything from the first rides to flying lead changes and beyond, the subscription has something for every horse owner no matter what discipline or breed.

“Warwick Schiller’s path to horsemanship creates not only a partnership with your horse, but an emotional connection that builds a deeper relationship in which communication creates a calm, relaxed, and attentive horse. Warwick teaches you the skills needed to create the horse of your dreams and the human your horse deserves.” ~ Ardyce Minch, current subscriber

  • Stream or download over 800 videos
  • Offline access to downloaded videos 
  • Custom video player for better mobile experience
  • Add Favorites
  • Monthly Archives
  • History “Watched videos” 
  • Manage Downloads 
  • Push Notifications when new videos is released