The Schiller Horses

2012 Quarter Horse Gelding
Petey (Plenty of Guns)
2007 Quarter Horse Gelding
Oscar (Smart Like Steady)
2004 Quarter Horse Gelding
Bella (Lady Isabelle)
2009 Quarter Horse Mare
Sherlock (CD Star Commander)
2010 Quarter Horse Gelding
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Bundy (Smart N Tag Chex)

By Whiz N Tag Chex out of Peppys Smarty Socks

Bundy was born in 2012.  He is a quarter horse gelding. We have had him the longest. We bought him as a yearling with hopes of him being a reining horse. When he was 2 he kicked the round pen while acting fresh and fractured his P2 bone.

We were advised we had a 70% chance of him being OK so we went ahead and did the surgery, which involved screwing a plate across the crack in his P2, as well as fusing the P1/P2 joint.

He is the clown of the bunch. He is very active minded and very smart, which has in the past made it a bit of a challenge at times. During his first year of riding there were times I had get inventive teaching some basic body control, because he was so smart he would get ahead of you.  Whereas for the exercise to work well, he couldn’t anticipate.

He can also get frustrated quite easily. If you watched me ride him you wouldn’t think so, because I know how to not get in argument with him.

PETEY (Plenty of Guns)

By Dun Gotta Gun out of Plenty of Rest

I purchased Petey for a client in 2011 and showed him for her for several years.  He was then sold to another client, Anna. He was in full time training, so I rode him for about 3 years. About a year after I stopped training horses, Anna was at our New Years Eve party in 2016.  Robyn asked about leasing Petey because there was a new rule that made leases legal in NRHA competition.  Anna wanted to think about it, but 3 days later called and said she had to sell him.  We said YES!

So that’s how we came to own Petey, and that year he and Robyn finished in the NRHA Top 10 for the year in 2 divisions.

In 2018 I showed Petey at World Equestrian Games qualifiers and at the actual games in Tryon – we marked 2 of our personal best scores while representing Australia! 

OSCAR (Smart Like Steady)

By Steady Tradition out of Bar S Doc Gay Bar

Oscar was purchased for our 2018 World Equestrian Games quest. He’s such a cool old dude, anyone can ride him.  He is the oldest of our herd, at 16.

Initially we thought we’d just ride him in the qualifiers for the WEG but Robyn ended up showing him there as well.  He was the oldest of all the reining horses there and the pair marked 2 of their personal best scores (218 & 220.5) for the Australian team, only 1/2 point out of making the individual finals. 

Oscar is learning some new things now, like obstacles and liberty work. 

SHERLOCK (CD Star Commander)

By Commanders Nic out of CD Star

Sherlock came along at the right time, when I really thought I knew what I was doing. He showed me otherwise and has opened up a whole new way of looking at horses and our interactions with them.

He is a very shut down, hide his feeling type horse. I have gone back to the very beginning with him and I am slowly chipping away at him, from the inside out.

He has found his new leash in life being Chance’s buddy.  

Bella (Lady Isabelle)

By Custom Crome out of Sir This Listosalady We had a palomino gelding named Tom that we traded for Bella. We call her Aunty Bella as Petey’s mother and she were half-sisters (they were both by Custom Crome). Robyn showed her in some of the 2018 FEI events then we bred her to Petey’s sire Dun Gotta Gun  (and the resulting offspring will be a ¾ sibling to Petey).  Bella is a beautiful chestnut mare with a huge stop. She has a yearling gelding named Chance and is in foal for a 2021 baby by Smart Spook.


By Dun Gotta Gun out of Lady Isabelle

Chance was born on May 24, 2019.  He is a 7/8 brother to Petey!  We are looking forward to our journey with this little guy. We have not done a lot with Chance, but what we have done is filmed and exists on our online video library.  He was gelded as a yearling and is already bigger than Sherlock. now the biggest horse on our place! 

Rey (Spooks Dual Rey)

By Spooks Gotta Whiz out of Arbuckle Blonde

Rey was purchased by us as a high level reining stallion. While he was very talented, Rey was also very shut down. Peeling this onion has been a fun exploration. Rey is coming out of his shell and teaches us something new every day.

Rupert (Spookadeaus)

By Smart Spook out of Lady Isabelle

Rupert was born in March of 2021.  He is bred to be a very nice reining horse.  We will be videoing him along his path and see where it takes him.  

The Rest of the Herd