Virtual Lessons


Your Chance for Personal Feedback from Warwick

If you are a current online subscriber, you can now get 1-on-1 personalized training feedback from Warwick. It is the next best thing to in person! Here is what you do:

Send us up to a 10 minute video clip of you and your horse and what you want help with. You can upload to Dropbox, WeTransfer or Youtube or send a thumb drive with the video.

Warwick will do a video response to you that might include a voiceover of him instructing you while watching your video or he may make a video answer for you or he might do both. You will get a personalized instructional answer and follow up via email if needed.

The Disclaimer: Both the question and response will be posted on our online video site for others to purchase. We have had feedback that people really want to see the problem that the owner has with the horse and then they want to see the answer. By purchasing this, you are agreeing that Warwick may use the footage however and whenever he chooses.

Warwick is not able to complete virtual lessons when he is traveling, so please check the clinic page so that you can receive timely feedback.

What people say?

Thanks also to Warwick for the advice- I just did a session with Samson and it actually worked out. I'm stoked!
New zealand
I'm really happy I send in the video, its quite hard to correct things alone, and to know when and how to get creative with the exercises.

Step 1, Purchase Virtual Lesson.  Step 2, Fill out the form and send us your video.