The demand for clinics is so great that we require riding participants (those that are bringing horses, whether they actually ride or do groundwork) to be subscribers to the online video library. Anyone is invited to spectate. 

We see the clinics as a benefit to our online video library subscribers who are working through the process with their horses and seek additional hands on observation and feedback from Warwick.  We will open registration about 6 months prior to the clinic date, giving riders plenty of opportunity to progress through the process with their horses.  Please read the FAQ page before you send in your registration form.  Deposit is required upon registration. 

More about Clinics


Anyone is welcome to attend as an auditor (spectator/fencesitter) unless noted below under individual clinics. Please bring a chair and your own food and drinks.


Most clinics are 2 days, usually starting at 8 AM and run until Warwick stops talking and is through with all participants - usually 5 or 6 PM (but this is not a hard and fast time).


The cost to spectate is $40 per person per day in local currency. Please bring exact change. Unless noted otherwise, no need to pre-book, just show up and pay on the day.

For more information

For more information please contact If you'd like to host a clinic at your venue, click on the Venue Application Form below.

Upcoming Clinics

Dates Location Rider Availability
Oct. 13 - Oct. 15 Lexington Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

Warwick will appear at the 2nd annual Liberty Festival at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky

Nov. 2 - Nov. 6 Journey On Podcast Summit USA - Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk

Not wanting to just create another horse training podcast, Warwick created The Journey On Podcast to share his story of transformational growth in both his horse training career and personal life. As the podcast has grown to over 2 million downloads, the mission has really morphed into - Change Yourself To Change Your Horse. Every podcast guest has contributed to inspiring over millions of people to become better humans for their horses. The podcast live summit was birthed as a way to provide educational opportunities and meaningful conversations with the Journey On audience. What happened at the inaugural Journey On Podcast Summit was way more than that! The mission of this Summit is simple: To Improve Horse-Human Relationships (mostly by the humans improving themselves)



Most frequent questions and answers

Clinics are for subscribers who are bringing their horses to a clinic and we allow spectators for clinics.

Retreats are private, smaller events with people who are coming without their horses.  Because of the 1on1 aspect of retreats and because of the group dynamics, there are no spectators allowed. 

For Most 2 day clinics: 

  1. You must be a current online video library subscriber when registration opens through the end of the clinic. 
  2.  We suggest having mastered the focus for relaxation and focus and bend both at home and away from home. If riding, you need to have mastered the bending for relaxation at the walk and trot and home and away from home if you have not accomplished this by the time you register for the clinic, please list your plan to accomplish this before the clinic**

Yes. One of the principles of training is “Change 1 Thing at a Time” and taking a horse to a new place (1 change) with a lot of other horses (2 changes) while the handler is nervous about being in front of Warwick and a crowd (3 changes) is too many changes to be fair to your horse. Also, these exercises take time, a lot of time, and the clinic may not afford us enough time with these exercises to make a difference.  If you have been diligently working on them and have to work on them at the clinic, your horse will have an idea of what you are asking and you will get further ahead. 

Yes. One of the principles of training is Change 1 Thing at a Time. By doing this work at home first, then perfecting it away from home, your horse will be prepared to work on furthering their education at the clinic.

In the past, Warwick has spent most of his time at clinics working on the very first thing. This takes quite a bit of time and many times this is all that gets accomplished at the clinic. These new requirements are to help everyone get the most benefit out of both the subscription and the clinic. This includes other participants who came prepared but get held back because others in their group have not worked on the basics.

Only 12 participants are allowed in each clinic. Participants are divided into 4 groups of 3 and go for 2 hours each.  More information is available in the download below entitled **IF ATTENDING A CLINIC PLEASE READ THIS**** and Clinic Participant Package.