Meet The Schillers


A lifelong equestrian of varying disciplines, Warwick Schiller moved from his home country of Australia in his 20s to the United States in order to pursue his dream of training horses. He focused his competitive efforts on reining, eventually becoming an NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) Reserve World Champion and also representing Australia at the 2010 & 2018 World Equestrian Games. His unique ability to convey his knowledge to others became apparent when he successfully went on to coach individuals who garnered coveted reining titles such as NRHA World Champions, NRHA Rookie of the Year, Australian Champions, U.S. Champions and a fellow WEG team member.


Robyn Schiller grew up being a horse-crazy kid in California, riding before she could even walk and showing as a youth along with her mother in the Western all around events.  She is an extremely accomplished rider and highly decorated showperson (a World Championship & Rookie of the Year titles amongst them). Robyn’s can-do attitude, intelligence, and work ethic has served her well in both equine competition and work. Her post-college career in Human Resources has helped her understand the art of motivation, the need for structure, and develop an ability to multi-task with the best, while still being relatable and empathetic. 

Robyn and Warwick initially met at a horse show (no surprise there), and after a year of persistence on Warwick’s part, Robyn finally agreed to go on their first date. There has been no looking back for this pair since. After marrying in 1994, they became parents in 1997 when their son Tyler was born. The family spent 4 years in Australia in the mid 2000’s and before his high school years began, they packed up and moved back to the United States. Tyler is now living in Hawaii working remotely for the business doing marketing .

Warwicks love of storytelling combined with the thousands of hours spent among the best horse trainers and a wide variety of horses has helped him build a well-earned reputation for being among the top professional horsemen himself. His positive support of his followers is ever-apparent in his willingness to engage with people online and in person in a respectful, empathetic manner. Warwick derives his success from the success of his customers.

Robyn has since joined the family business ending her career in the corporate world.  She is often found playing the part of behind-the-scenes-wizard at Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship. She continually assists Warwick with speaking and presenter engagements, live feed question and answers sessions, and caring for their own small (ever-growing) herd of horses, dogs, cat and chickens at home. Additionally, she’s writes the Along for the Ride blog, a well-received chronical of life as a world class trainers wife and accomplice.


Tyler graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelors of Business Administration.  Tyler has a passion for the outdoors, including rock climbing and hiking. Tyler spent a year living at home on the ranch after college where he helped redesign the video site and expand the video library. He sometimes travels with Warwick to Clinics and Expos. He now lives in Hawaii where he works remotely for the family business.

Warwicks Training Philosophy

Warwick is always learning and growing in hope to become the very best horseman he can be. His work revolves around helping those who believe in what he is doing and getting them to join along for the ride. It’s life-long, and passion-driven work. It involves horses and horse-people and community and support… positive support. A tribe if you will, but one that is focused and has goals and is open to making mistakes and learning from those mistakes together, to become better, for their horses, for their goals and for each other.

Currently, Warwick is focusing on expanding his knowledge by spending more time with other trainers who allow him to ask his pointed questions as he works hard to garner a better understanding of their individual methods and philosophies. He and Robyn are on an epic journey of their own, once again qualifying for, and competing in, the 2018 World Equestrian Games. Several books are in the near future and a very exciting structured online course of the Principles of Training has been released. Look for him at Horse Expos around the world as a presenter, as a motivational speaker at varying seminars, on Farm & Ranch TV and on Horse and Country T.V.  – he’ll be the one telling a great story, listening closely to the horse, and working his tail off to be a better coach, trainer, husband, dad and person of the world. Robyn will be right there with him being the talented force of nature she is, and supporting the people surrounding them – all on their own journeys to being the best horse-people they can be