One thought on “Before you break the rules, you have to learn the rules

  1. Of course you can learn from videos…I’m proof of that. I stopped taking lessons twice a week a long long time ago…too much information, too little time to process, lick and chew and I mean me not my horse…he was probably coping better than I was with the stress of split second understanding of the biomechanics behind the instructions and instant translation with success of that understanding into an aid…all wrapped up in the emotional turmoil of “god I’m making such a mess of this…the poor horse doesn’t deserve me… should take up… knitting?”. So I went on a journey that has lasted 25 years… I read up and watched videos and learned… True Unity, Tom Dorrance visiting…, Ray Hunt, Mark Rashid, Buck Brannaman, Nuno Olivera, John and Josh Lyons, Alexandra Kurland, Anna Blake’s touching blogs and Warwick Schiller’s mind blowing principles of training that summarizes in essence everybody else. So yes videos rock and my horse and I thank you from the depths of our grateful hearts. Our lives would not have been the same without the videos… I’d have given up and he’d have ended up on a barbecue grill.

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