Along for the Ride – Complain with perspective

by Robyn Schiller

Robyn is the wife of horse (and people) trainer Warwick Schiller. She invites you to join her as she journeys through her life as trainer’s wife, mother, businesswoman and nationally competitive rider.

“Complaining is okay, but piss and moan with a little perspective.” Brene Brown

We had a photoshoot the other day. Actually 2 days in a row. (and not with a camera!) I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how I’ve always carried a little too much weight and I care about what people think about me. So, you will understand that a photo shoot was not really on the list of things that I wanted to do on my Saturday and Sunday mornings (well anytime really). It’s February and even though we are having pretty nice weather, my body believes that it needs to bulk up and keep me warm during the winter months. In my experience, it’s been seasonal, and once it gets warmer, it’s easier to shed the weight (I said easier but in no way do I mean EASY).

Then there is menopause and that whole battle. I guess I’m young for menopause, but it’s been happening for the last 4 years…and a couple months ago my Naturopath read my blood results and proclaimed “YOU ARE DONE!” I was ESTATIC! I wanted to believe it with my whole being. And then, my body told me differently….sigh….. So I’m pretty sure that this year seasons mean NOTHING!!! I will be carrying the weight until this menopause thing is REALLY over. My Naturopath and my mom assure me that once it is done, weight and eating isn’t an issue! Where’s the fast-forward button???

Oh, one more thing, the grey hair. I am fully on board with embracing the grey as I get closer to 50. The decision is made easier by the fact that for the last year I have left the hairdressers with the foils in my hair so that I did not have to put my head back in her bowl to be rinsed. I had some vertigo late in 2016 and the fear of it returning keeps me from tempting fate (so leaning my head back is something I won’t do…same with the dentist) so I drive home with foils and take a shower. Forget it, I’ll let it grow out and get cavities!

Sooooo, grey hair growing out, cavities multiplying, 10 pounds of padding and menopause hot flashes – made it an interesting couple of photo shoot mornings. But, I am pissing and moaning with perspective. I know these are trivial things and I can either do a photo shoot in these conditions or suffer the alternatives. I could be still working in corporate HR and not with the horses and the man I love every day. Warwick could still be only helping a handful of people and not thousands. Other alternatives are: that I could have NO hair, NO teeth, or still have vertigo or have had a hysterectomy early like my sister or not have the amazing horses we have to take pictures with – I mean – seriously – who cares about the 10 extra pounds, grey hair, cavities and menopause? Not Warwick. At the end of the day, he’s the only one I want to impress. So, why should I complain?

We hear a lot of people complain about their horses. Most of the time it’s about something that happened once or twice and not something that is engrained. I think they need to have perspective as well. Your horse is not perfect and will not always act the way that you want it to, despite your best efforts. Things will not always go according to your plan. Just like life. BUT – at the end of the day, if you are lucky enough to have a horse, then YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH! Reminds me of a Youtube video Warwick did, while we were in England (another thing I complain about and shouldn’t – fear of travelling. I mean, really? We get to see the most amazing places and meet the BEST people!!)

I guess, I’m saying to you and reminding myself that the occasional bitch and moan is ok, but make sure that you do it with a little perspective and don’t make it a habit.

Thanks for reading!