8 Skills your horse needs

The 8 skills your horse needs to know:

Everything we do is a combination of these 8 things.

  1. Bend laterally on both sides – (1-2).
  2. Bend laterally and disengage at same time both sides – (3-4).
  3. Go forward – (5).
  4. Go backwards off hands – (6).
  5. Get off inside leg both sides – (7-8).

You can see how to teach your horse these on our video site:  videos.warwickschiller.com  Just follow the First Rides and Basic Body Control videos.

One thought on “8 Skills your horse needs

  1. I’ve heard of Warwick Schiller now for a couple of years but just saw a few of his videos on YouTube and started watching them. After 5 or 6 videos I was totally impressed with his methods.

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