On Demand FAQ

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  • Features: With an easy step-by-step process, Warwick will give you the tools you need to create an amazing relationship with your horse. 
  • The Skills Path: Teaches you everything you need to know to create a safe, attentive, and confident horse. It allows you to refine the relationship path with strong horsemanship skills.
  • The Relationship Path: Lays a foundation for the skills to be built with a heavy emphasis on building trust and connection with your horse. It allows for a deeper understanding of why the skills work the way they do.
Which path should I choose?

Warwick has given you 2 paths to choose for groundwork. The Relationship path concentrates on developing a connection with your horse first. If you are not familiar with horse body language, etc. then it may not be the best option since there are nuances to look for that if misinterpreted could turn into dangerous behaviors (for example, if you step back at the wrong time, then you may teach your horse to push you around, however when you step back in some instances it builds trust). You will learn develop skills along the relationship path but the focus is on the relationship.

The skills path is for newer horse owners to learn particular exercises and learn about body position of yourself and your horse. You will develop a relationship along the way, but the focus is on skill building.

Both paths lead to the ridden work. The ridden work is the same.

Do I need to watch the Principles of Training first?
You do not have to, however it will give you a great overview about how horses learn and we encourage you to watch it first. In saying that, you will see techniques used as examples of the principles, on their own, without going through the process in later videos, you may not get the success that you see in the Principles of Training videos. In other words, don’t skip the work in the videos that follow the Principles of Training.

Do I need to watch the introductory videos

Yes! They contain important information!

What order do the videos go in – what is “the process”?

We have set the videos up in an easy to follow format. You can pick a path to ridden work that best suits you and your horse and follow the videos in the order they are on the library. You can see which one’s you’ve watched under favorites.

How often are videos added?

Every week.

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